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The track was in operation in the early s. The track opened on October 31, and closed in Operated from through Current status is unknown. Dirt Kart classes. The track operated as a one mile dirt oval from until This was originally a horse track. New grandstands were built in , and are still there to this day. In the track reopened as a one-half mile dirt oval, then closed again in The track reopened again on October 1st, , again as a one-half mile dirt oval.

Operated from through as a one-quarter mile dirt oval with Bob Harmon at the helm as promoter. On June 28th, , began operation as the five-eighths mile paved oval that it is today. Bobby Allison took over as promoter of BIR in Opened in and closed in Track opened in June, Currently named Avenger Motor Speedway.

Status unknown but appears to be closed. The track opened in , and was originally named Central Alabama Speedway. It is not the same track as the Central Alabama Motor Speedway that was located in Jasper which closed in The track opened in It is on the site of the old Chattahoochee Valley Speedway, which operated in The track opened in , operating through It reopened sometime in or Track shut down and reopened in March of Shutdown again in June Chisholm Speedway was a one-half mile dirt oval located in Montgomery, Alabama. Chisholm Speedway opened circa Operated circa through Open from through Opened and closed Opened and closed in Operated in the early s.

The years of operation are unknown. The new Deep South Speedway is a four-tenths mile dirt oval opened Operated in then again in through Also known as Ace Speedway. Dixie Race Track — Tuscaloosa, Alabama — dirt oval. Dixie Race Track operated in No further information is available for Dixie Race Track. Dothan Fairgrounds race track -Tri-State Fairgrounds — The track operated as a one-half mile dirt oval in the s and again circa through circa , then as a three-eighths mile oval circa until the track closed in Dothan Fairgrounds was also known as Dothan Motor Speedway. Opened on March 9th, and closed in Dothan Dragway is located on the same property and is still in operation.

Built by Jimmy Thomas and opened on March 18th, Flomaton Speedway reopened in Status unknown, appears to be closed. Opened on April 28th, and closed The track reopend as a three-eighths mile dirt oval in and closed again in Opened in then closed in The track opened again in Status currently unknown. Opened circa and closed in Opened circa May 3rd, and closed later that same year.

Opened in The track has opened and closed several times through the years. Currently the tracks appears to be closed.

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Appears to be operating as ECM Speedway. Status unknown, probably closed. Opened Also operated as Lee County International Raceway. Status unknown. Alaska Dirt Tracks. Currently appears to be closed. The track opened around , operating until It appears that the track last ran in Special events only. Arizona Dirt Tracks. Currently operates special events only. Manzanita Speedway opened in , converted from a dog track. The modern name was adapted in Closed in The track opened on April 10th, Track appears to be closed.

Previously operated as Thunder Raceway. Now operating as Show Low Speedway Park. Arkansas Dirt Tracks. Status unclear, but appears to be closed. Status is unknown. Presumed closed. Unconfirmed if the track is in operation. Track is closed. Appears to be closed. Operated as Southwest Arkansas Super Speedway in the past.

The track opened on October 9th, , and operated until , when it was sold to a local farmer. Alleged to be a very dangerous track. Track abandoned sometime in the s. No website at the time of this writing. Formerly Poinsett County Speedway.

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Track appears to have been sold and closed. See NEA Speedway. This track appears to have previously operated under the name Rolling Stone Super Speedway. Unknown if the racetrack is still operating. The track has been operating since Appears to have reopened. California Dirt Tracks. Formerly known as Quincy peedway. The track was paved around , and the name All American Speedway was first used at this time. The name Placer County Speedway may also have been used for this track. Fans and drivers traveled from as far as Oregon, Washington, and Nevada to be a part of one of the most prestigious races on the west coast.

The race featured some of the biggest names of the era. After a new promoter took on the race, it faded away in the early 90s and is no longer run. It is the second largest dirt track in California. Contra Costa County Fairgrounds. The track has also operated as Antioch Fairgrounds Speedway. Ascot Park Raceway located in Gardena California. Motorsports Memorial Website reports several fatalities at this track. From those records we know that the track was in operation from Ascot Los Angeles — Florence — The raceway is listed as a 1 mile dirt oval that existed from Rick and Rodger Mears raced here.

It ran in , , and from to November Bay Meadows Speedway — San Mateo — 1 mile dirt. The track also operated as Fremont Raceway. Horse track used for special events only. Carona Speedway — Corona,- dirt oval. Now an apartment and housing community. It opened for cars on October 23rd, , operating through late August, It reopened after WWII in It is unclear if the track is operating at this time. It reopened from to , from to , and from to the present.

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A one-mile dirt oval operated here from roughly through The track has also operated as Chowchilla-Madera Speedway. Outlaw carts and modified midgets. The track opened in May of Track closed. Became Imperial Valley Speedway. The track has also operated as as Imperial Speedway and Imperial Raceway. Ingleside Race Track — San Francisco — Originally a horse track opened in , the first auto races in northern California were held here on November 4th, Racing continued in following years, but the races were cancelled due to the earthquake.

Racing resumed in and continued until The Speedway is located near Hanford, California. A one mile dirt oval operated here from late September through around Track where Mike Skinner started. Now known as Diamond Moutain Speedway. Legion Ascot speedway — Los Angeles — Promoted by the American Legion of Glendale. From to some two dozen drivers lost their lives in spectacular crashes. The death toll was one reason the Glendale American Legion bowed out of race promotion in early —the other reason was that the emergence of midget auto racing that was cutting into the crowds at Ascot.

The track became Ascot Motor Speedway and racing continued. On January 25, the final tragedy struck during a race for two man Indianapolis cars as Al Gordon and riding mechanic Spider Matlock were both killed in a crash. This ended racing at Ascot. The track is used for micro-sprints, midgets, and other small cars. The new kart facility San Joaquin Raceway Park is next door. The track opened on May 13th, It replaced the previous Lemoore Midget Speedway, which had operated until The coliseum itself was built in Racing ended when driver Jack Habermehl died from injuries sustained in the race on August 13th.

The track is located near Marysville, California. The track opened in or The Speedway is located near Watsonville California. The current name was adapted in The Speedway is located near Lake Perris, California. Apex Kart Racing operates a sprint track shortly to the north of this facility. The track has also operated as Petaluma Fairgrounds Speedway.

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The track was built around an existing football field behind the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. The track has also operated as Hangtown Speedway. Formally known as Los Angeles Fairplex. The track has also operated as Visalia Plaza Park. Formerly Known as: Porterville Speedway. Some older ovals are visible in the aerial images, but I have little information on them one appears to be a 1 mile paved oval. The dragstrip opened on May 10th, Santa Maria Speedway has operated continuously since May 30th, San Jose Speedway originally San Jose Fair Speedway was the third track to carry the name, adapting it after the second San Jose Speedway closed at the end of the season.

Motorcycles raced on it from through Autos raced on the 1 mile dirt oval from October 21st, through around , in and , and from through April 25th, Motorcycles raced on the 1 mile track from through A dirt road course operated in The grandstands were torn down in It reopened on April 16th, The track closed at the end of the season.

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The track ran sporadically in the late 90s and early s. March 13th, through Reopened but shut down due to urban sprawl. The site is shared with Tulare County Kart Club. The track opened for cars in It was used for motorcycles in I was worried about my leg more than anything. My neck, it just felt like the seatbelts had got me there.

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And he says, 'You got a broke neck. Wilkerson broke the C6 vertebrae in his spine. He had surgery that hooked the broken vertebrae to another verterbrae with a steel plate to help with the healing. He also had a steel rod and plate put in his leg. It busted that socket out and split that bone. They had to go in and put a plate up under it to lift the cartilage back up, this, that and the other. Wilkerson said of all his injuries, the one to his leg is the most bothersome. My neck has never really ever given me no problem as far as pain. So they must have done a good job on that part.

That's just supposed to get better on its own. It wasn't the ending that Wilkerson had envisioned for a racing career that included 11 track championships at Mobile International Speedway and six more at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola. He finished fifth in this year's modified standings, although most of his championships came as a late-model driver. And I made a good living at it because I had all my sponsors that gave all my parts -- my fuel and tires and everything. So I just loved it because there wasn't nothing no better.

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I built my own cars. I done everything myself. I built my own engines. Done everything, don't care what it was on the car, I done it. Rear ends, transmissions -- it didn't matter. I done every bit of it. But it was fulfilling to know that you set the car up and you were able to build the engines. Nobody hardly ever, as long as I've been racing, I don't know of anybody that actually done everything to their cars. I mean, I done everything. I drove it; I built it.

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I just loved it. That's why I stuck with it. When some of the fun went out of racing, Wilkerson said he knew it was time to hang up his firesuit. You go to Pensacola every Friday night. Saturday night, you're at Mobile. Back then, you couldn't tear up nothing Friday night because you knew you had to race on Saturday. It was just exciting to be able to do all of that. Then you got all these young kids who want to whoop up on the old folks. Despite what happened, Wilkerson said he doesn't regret getting into racing. But to look back at it now, I would never get back in another race car because it just seemed like it was too easy to happen.

Just that one time done all this to me, so I'd be afraid as anything to get back in a car now. There's no way. But being 58 years old, no way. When he's recovered from his injuries, Wilkerson said he'd be back at the local tracks - as a spectator. I'm sure I probably will a little. But it's not going to be to the point where I'm going to want to get back in one.