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He also suggested that an effective treatment of tuberculosis should include fresh air, milk, and soy beverages.

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However, it remained unrecognized at that time. After the decline of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, a vast pool of archeologic evidence of tuberculosis was found throughout Europe, indicating that the disease was widespread in Europe during this time. In the Middle Ages, a new clinical form of tuberculosis was described as scrofula, which is a disease of cervical lymph nodes. Queen Anne was the last British monarch to employ this method for healing. The first medical intervention for treating tuberculosis was proposed by a French surgeon, Guy de Chauliac. He advised the removal of scrofulous gland as a treatment option.

In the 16th century, a clear description about the contagious nature of tuberculosis was first provided by an Italian physician, Girolamo Fracastoro. In , a French physician, Theophile Laennec, identified the pathological signs of tuberculosis, including consolidation, pleurisy, and pulmonary cavitation. He also identified that M. At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a scientific debate about the exact etiology of tuberculosis. Many theories existed that time, describing the disease as an infectious disease, a hereditary disease, or a type of cancer.

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In , Philipp Friedrich Hermann Klencke, a German physician, experimentally produced the human and bovine forms of tuberculosis for the first time by inoculating extracts from a miliary tubercle into the liver and lungs. In , sanatorium cure for tuberculosis was introduced by Hermann Brehmer, a tuberculosis patient, in his doctoral thesis.

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  • He mentioned that a long-term stay in the Himalayan mountains helped cure his tuberculosis. A French military surgeon, Jean-Antoine Villemin, experimentally proved the infectious nature of tuberculosis in He inoculated a rabbit with fluid taken from a tuberculous cavity of a person who died of tuberculosis.

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    A German physician and microbiologist, Robert Koch, successfully identified, isolated, and cultured the tubercle bacillus in animal serum. Afterward, he produced animal models of tuberculosis by inoculating the bacillus. In , his groundbreaking work was published in the Society of Physiology in Berlin.

    In recent years, advancement in tuberculosis diagnosis includes interferon-gamma release assays, which are whole-blood tests to detect M. Besides preventive vaccines, a major breakthrough in tuberculosis treatment occurred with the discovery of antibiotics. Afterward, Selman Waksman received the Nobel prize in In the recent era, four antibiotics namely isoniazid , pyrazinamide , ethambutol , and rifampin are used to effectively treat tuberculosis.

    With the improvement in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions, and preventive strategies, the World Health Organization WHO has committed to eradicate M.

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    Tuberculosis by the year Sanchari Sinha Dutta is a science communicator who believes in spreading the power of science in every corner of the world. She has a Bachelor of Science B.

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    Following her Master's degree, Sanchari went on to study a Ph. She has authored more than 10 original research articles, all of which have been published in world renowned international journals. Dutta, Sanchari Sinha. History of Tuberculosis. Actually I had suffered from Potts Spine spine tuberculosis and I have taken anti kit for 18 months and now I am on multivitamins and calcium tablets I just want to know whether I can conceive now Royal Alexandra Hospital : established in Paisley ; the collection includes tuberculosis registers, ss.

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    Mass Radiography Centre : created by Glasgow Corporation in around as part of the drive to diagnose and treat tuberculosis. Rex Leslie Cheverton born : Vice-Chairman of the Conference on Health and Tuberculosis Alexander Dale Assistant Lecturer in Clinical Tuberculosis at the University of Glasgow, and Superintendant at Mearnskirk Hospital , ; this collection includes papers of Dale's wife Elizabeth, a doctor who worked with charitable organisations connected with the hospital, and also includes photographs of staff and patients at Mearnskirk. Duncan J. Fletcher , public health physician for Glasgow Corporation and was involved in the tuberculosis campaign.

    Irvine J. Selikoff , doctor and medical researcher - instrumental in demonstrating the effectiveness of isoniazid as a treatment for tuberculosis. Silyn Roberts : travelled the United States lecturing on the campaign against tuberculosis in Wales. Socialist Medical Association : founded in ; organised a campaign against tuberculosis in the s, and two conferences on the subject in Insurance Committees.

    Sanatorium Benefit sub-committee : dealt with claims for treatment under the National Insurance Act David Gregory : astronomer and mathematician; died shortly afte taking the 'cure' for consumption at Bath. Lawrence : the British author died of tuberculosis in William Ironside fl. Norman Burns : admitted to Mearnskirk Hospital twice in the s and s. DOT is when a person with TB disease meets with a health care worker every day or several times per week. The person with TB disease and the health care worker meet at a place that both agree on.

    Medicines are taken at this place while the health care worker watches the person with TB disease. DOT helps in several ways. This means the person with TB disease will get well as soon as possible. The health care worker will make sure that the medicines are working as they should. This health care worker will also watch for side effects and answer questions that the person with disease may have about TB.

    In addition to spreading the disease to others, an untreated person may become severely ill or die. The most important way to stop the spread of tuberculosis is for people with TB disease to cover the mouth and nose when coughing, and to take all the TB medicine exactly as instructed by the health care provider. It is also important that people with latent TB infection be treated so they do not get TB disease later and spread it to others.

    This refers to the ability of some strains of TB to grow and multiply even in the presence of certain drugs which would normally kill them. These strains are very difficult to treat. People with drug sensitive TB disease may develop drug resistant tuberculosis if they fail to take their TB medications as instructed, as well as people with TB disease who have not been given a treatment plan that works against the TB germs. People with disease due to drug resistant germs, should have a health care provider who is an expert in treating drug resistant TB.

    People with drug resistant disease must be treated with special medications which are not as good as the usual medications for TB.

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    Treatment takes much longer than regular TB and drugs have more side effects. In addition, directly observed therapy should be used to ensure people with drug resistant TB complete their treatment. Navigation menu.