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Based on our extensive Googling, the best deal you will probably find is through American Marriage Ministries. That is a good deal if you are interested in the stole and the book.

How to Get Married in Court

If you are not ordained with AMM, that organization will probably offer equivalent documents. Ideally you would submit your Ministry Credentials in person however we understand that that is not always possible. However, if they require an original document with live signatures then it will have to be delivered in person or by mail. Once the County Clerk receives everything they asked for it should take no more than a few days for your registration to be complete. Now that you have that all taken care of, you are authorized to officiate weddings in Oklahoma! Your other job is to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

That is where you will put in most of the work. Follow the link below for information on how to conduct a wedding ceremony.


Toggle navigation. Required Ministry Credentials for Registration There is no statewide policy for minister registration in Oklahoma. This usually boils down to one or both of two documents. Ordination Certificate vs Letter of Good Standing Here is a useful metaphor to help clarify these two documents.

How To Obtain Your Ministry Credentials The church that ordained you will be able to provide you with the required documents. Approval To Officiate Weddings From The County Clerk Once the County Clerk receives everything they asked for it should take no more than a few days for your registration to be complete. Now You Can Officiate!

Heartwarming Pictures From The First Same-Sex Weddings In Oklahoma

Free Online Ordination. How To Become a Wedding Officiant.

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Wedding Training. Officiant State Registration. Getting married shouldn't cost a fortune. Oklahoma's most popular and affordable wedding venue. Explore the process. Marriage License Arrive an hour early and get your marriage license before coming to see us.

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Get Married Show up at your reserved date and time with your marriage license and guest. Popular Packages Getting married shouldn't cost a fortune. Courthouse Wedding Chapel has wed more than 47, couples, traveling to us from all fifty states and more than two dozen countries around the globe. Frequently Asked Questions. What forms of payment do you accept? Do I need to make an appointment? While we do accept walk-ins, it is strongly recommended that you make and appointment.