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Public Records

Reference Verification Contact and verify personal references. Bankruptcy Report Full search for any bankruptcy recorded in any US bankruptcy court. County Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments. Federal Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments involving the federal government. Start with an instant criminal database search. Verify with direct court searches. Role-specific reports or verifications. Pre-Packaged Solutions For Self Checks.

Staffing Companies.

Background check data commonly found using Maryland public records should include:

A BIB criminal record check assists organizations with the important task of ensuring applicant histories are revealed and evaluated for the best possible job fit. Furthermore, BIB clients can make confident hiring decisions in an effort to mitigate risk and protect their organizations, employees, and customers.

How To Find Official Public Records Online

BIB has access to criminal record information contained in all U. Furthermore, BIB owns the largest domestic court record electronic retrieval system in the industry. Whether your need is specific to a local jurisdiction, geographic region, or national in scope, BIB offers a variety of criminal record search methodologies and multi-product search solutions designed to meet each organization's unique needs and price requirements.

Background Checks County, State & Federal Criminal Records

When you use BIB, you can make confident employment decisions knowing that our proprietary systems and advanced identity mapping technologies will produce criminal histories that may otherwise be overlooked. Generally considered the official court of record, the county court is where an individual's record was most likely filed and maintained.

The availability and comprehensiveness of statewide data is solely dependent upon each state's organized methods of managing and disseminating the data it collects from its local court systems.

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The federal government maintains its own court system for criminal charges of national consequence. From Site: The Maryland Sex Offender Registry Website is one of many important tools that families can use to protect themselves, their children, and those they care for from individuals with criminal sexual behaviors. On this site you will be able to find registered sex offenders living and working near you, be notified of registrants' movements, and explore resources that will help you to prevent and get treatment for sexual abuse.


Public records are any sort of data or docs that are made by a government institution or representative and are required by law to be stored and preserved. Also, they are any documents which were filed with a government department or office. Many public records are available to anybody that asks for them however some have eligibility prerequisites or are private. There are numerous varieties of Maryland public records that are available for free at the county level.

Examples of free public records are demographics information, real estate data, tax liens and judgments, criminal conviction records, bankruptcies and court records. Though most of these records might be free they might be difficult to get because they are usually offered at a regional government department. There are a number privately owned businesses and web pages that aggregate Maryland public records from a wide array of sources and require a fee to produce usage of them all from a single search.

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