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Broadly speaking, the all-wheel-drive Turbo S resides above the regular Turbo, GTS, and Carrera models in the sprawling hierarchy, but the distinctions are far more nuanced.

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Producing horsepower and lb-ft of torque 40 horsepower and 67 lb-ft more than the non-S Turbo , the Turbo S is second only to the hairy-scary hp rear-wheel-drive GT2 RS in maximum engine output. But again, the GT cars serve different tastes and purposes rather than compete directly.

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  • If all Porsches are turbos, then what's a Porsche Turbo?.
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The Racing Yellow paint worn by our test example simply serves as a user-selected condiment. Let us not underplay the Turbo S's blinding performance. And by blinding, we mean the first time you use launch control it takes a moment for your eyes and inner ear to reconcile the corporeal inputs.

If all Porsches are turbos, then what's a Porsche Turbo? - The Globe and Mail

As one editor advised, "Make sure to have your head resting against the headrest before trying launch control. Once familiarized, we managed to punt the Turbo S to 60 mph in just 2. We've sampled a smorgasbord of s of late, and here's how they stack up in terms of acceleration: The Carrera T with the seven-speed manual was one full second slower to the mph mark and 1. The naturally aspirated GT3 with a seven-speed manual was also a full second slower to 60 and required an additional 1.

An automatic GT3 fared better, reaching 60 mph in an even 3. Despite its straight-line prowess, the Turbo S has an exhaust note that is a paragon of deportment compared to the sonic overload produced by the naturally aspirated engine in the GT3, the manual version of which registered decibels in the cabin at wide-open throttle—the Turbo S registered 84 decibels. When cruising along the highway at 70 mph, the interior noise level in the Turbo S is a very pleasant 76 decibels. Comprising More than just capable, once warmed they deliver enough feedback that a driver can interpret even the most gentle applications of the pedal with near-telepathic results.

Turbo (Type 930).

Serving up 1. For those who want it all, select the Carrera 4S Cabriolet to have a convertible that can be used in rain, snow, or shine. For keen drivers among us, a pure driving experience is what a Porsche should be all about. This car was created for people who want driving to feel like driving. The T, which stands for touring, pays homage to the T from and strips down features only to what is necessary to experience Porsche driving at its absolute best.

The Carrera T includes a 7-speed manual transmission, minimal exterior soundproofing, and removable rear seats to give you less weight and more experience from every possible angle.

Porsche 911 Turbo S - How It's Made Supercar (Car Documentary)

The Targa 4 has a unique personality. This iconic design element has been a feature of the Targa since its inception in All current Targa models include 4-wheel drive, and you can upgrade to the Targa 4S for a more powerful engine and a sportier overall experience. These are the fastest and most powerful of the Carreras, offering a sportier exterior design and the best overall driving experience in the lineup. Need to feel the wind in your hair? From the Carrera to the Targa, the cars in the GTS series are both fast and powerful enough excite the pros on the road without taking it so far as to make them unsuitable for everyday use.

The first Turbo made its debut in in the midst of a nationwide oil crisis. It was the first Porsche series sports car to feature an exhaust turbocharger and boost pressure control. It has since earned its claim to fame through its wide track and distinctive rear spoiler. Kick this turbocharged machine up a notch with a Turbo S , or swap out the traditional coupe for a convertible with the Turbo Cabriolet.

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  6. Of course, if you need both the soft-top and the extra HP, there is always the Turbo S Cabriolet. For the designed to honor motorsport, take a spin in one of the GT models.

    A Look Back At The Luxurious History Of Porsche

    These cars were designed for track-level performance while still being approved for the road. For a car you can race on the weekends and take to work on Monday, you have the GT3 with its naturally-aspirated engine. Finally, there is the GT2 RS. The pinnacle of the entire concept, this car is the fastest and most powerful still legal on the road.

    Join Us on a Deep Dive Into Porsche: Their History, Racing Achievements, & Iconic Cars

    Its chassis is built for racing, and its design elements focus on lightweight construction and world-class aerodynamics. Try this quiz we have for fun. Check out which Porsche models currently in stock to get more pictures and specs. For more info on cars, market analysis, and upcoming events in the classic and luxury car industry, follow our blog at MarshallGoldman.