How to find people in my neighborhood

Facebook has more capabilities than Twitter, and another way to stay up to speed with local goings on is to look for local groups—just run a search for the name of your town and see what comes up. You can preview the posts inside a public group without actually joining it. Click the Notifications button above the group posts to change how much of the group activity you want to see—maybe you just want to dip in every now and again. Click on a spot to see the Story or Stories you can use the arrows at the side to go forward and back.

Even something as simple as running a web search for your town then clicking through to the News section can turn up some interesting results—or at least a community page for your town. If not, your local sports team probably has—and that forum might have a non-sports, local news discussion board.

How to Use Social Networks to Find Out What's Going On in Your Neighborhood

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3 ways to check out your neighbors online

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Hay Day - Neighbourhood Invites

This question might already have an answer but after I searched for it, it didn't show up. Right now I'm in a neighborhood with my best friend but no one else seems to join. Is there a way to promote our neighborhood? I understand that people don't want to join with only 2 members.

She's not really into playing anymore which makes derby my worst nightmare and I'd like to have more people here to chat with and help. She's still waiting me to fill up her boat with 16 creams in total btw -. I'd also like to make new friends too.

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So, is there a way? Just in case, my neighborhood is Plastic Memories purple background and a blue mouse Thanks!

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