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Until recently, sex offender deregistration was not possible for anyone. Fortunately, Sex Offender Deregistration is now available for some of these people.

In , Texas lawmakers passed House Bill which was designed to improve the rules for sex offender registration in many ways. See Article Those changes included a new procedure for certain sex offenders to request early termination of their requirement to register as a Texas sex offender if they are determined not to present a continuing threat to society.

This would allow law enforcement authorities and the state to focus their resources on offenders who threaten public safety and would serve the interests of justice for offenders who are not a threat to re-offend. See article Like Article It provides for a more streamlined path to deregistration, but applies only to a much smaller group of offenders.

The process for Early Termination of Sex Offender Registration in Texas requires strict adherence to statutory requirements enacted by the legislature as well as stringent rules adopted by the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment. This four-step process is designed to allow only a limited number of people to deregister.

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Skills and written test will be administered. The employee shall be provided with personnel protective equipment PPE including, but not limited to, respirators, protective clothing, HEPA-vacuums and glove bags as needed.

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The employee shall utilize work practice or other controls such as wet methods, mini-enclosures and proper disposal procedures to inhibit the spread of any released fibers. This employee may supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in removing ACBM from ceilings, walls, floors, and other structures; inspect work sites; confer with environmental consultants to evaluate removal projects; estimate length of time, number of workers, and equipment and supplies required to accomplish a project; examine PPE to ensure it meets HACA and government safety standards and maintain project records.

The employee must operate hand and power tools and equipment. Normal physical activity can be strenuous and may involve prolonged standing, walking, reaching, bending, crouching, stooping, and lying prone.

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The employee must use arm strength to manipulate hand tools such as saws, sanders and jointers. The employee works indoors and outdoors and is exposed to weather extremes.

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The employee may occasionally be subject to electrical shock hazards, dangerous heights, dangerous chemicals, and skin irritants e. The employee may be required to use goggles, gloves and other safety equipment. Safety boots required, tennis or athletic shoes are not allowed.

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