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Become a Patron of Ask Leo! In this case, the block is owned by Verizon Wireless and includes all IP addresses from Reverse DNS does, as its name implies, the reverse: given an IP address, it finds the domain name that has been assigned as the primary 1 identifier. Looking at the report from domaintools. It reflects the location of the ISP, Verizon Wireless, but does not actually refer to the location of whatever equipment is connected and using that IP address.

A company called MaxMind provides geographic location information based on IP addresses to businesses. Here you can see that the scope has narrowed somewhat. The city of Chattaroy, however, is several hundred miles on the other side of the state from where that IP address is actually in use. This is common. For most normal, residential or small business connections most of the publicly available information is accurate only to the state. Occasionally, depending on how the ISP has constructed their network , you may be able to get to the correct city or neighborhood.

This search can be slow — the information in DNS is not optimized at all for this kind of look-up. As you can see, it reflects that askleo. Yes, I have several domains, and host a few for close friends as well. Most people want the name of the person who owns an IP address, their physical address, their email address or their phone number. One domain name is typically designated as the primary. For example a reverse DNS lookup on the server hosting askleo. An IP address can tell us when the same Internet connection is used repeatedly, such as tracking a browser from page to page in server logs.

However, as you said, and contrary to what many hope or believe, tracking down an individual by IP address is nearly impossible. If you are being harassed online, or some unauthorized person has gotten into your email account, it is fairly straightforward to get a judge to issue a subpoena to ISP to reveal who a given IP address is assigned to at a given time. May I link to a story about one such case? The Case of the Teacher and the Trickster.

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So I understand. Check it out yourself and see. Best way to go is if you think someone is using your personal information for malicious acts, report it to the authorities and let them do their job. With the right knowledge you can track anyone on the Web, but i do not recommend trying it.

And just who are the authorities your referring to??? Depends on the scenario. If you are tracking down something illegal: the police. Imagine if random curious people could just look up your information. When you go to a web site it tells you what country it is from, at least it is supposed to. There is a little U. Very unobtrusive. I would recommend it. My daughter had a very embarrasing moment, her and her friends were trying to start a blog and decided to send out questionares from an idependent email dedicated to the blog for intrest topics.

They received back alot of comments and downloaded them into comment sheets on various topics. When they decided to send out another folloe up report the wrong document with some of these comments that had been received was sent by mistake. One of the comments although it did not mention a name was a little racy and was sent to the person it concerned. We have since tried to apologize and say there was no maliciosness behing it, but this person tends to be a mean conspiracy theroist and it is just such a headache.

Beatrice In order to register for an email address, the email provider usually asks for a name and other personal information. If an email is sent out through the webmailer, this name is typically added to all emails sent out. If you use an email program, the name you set up the account with in that program is included in the sent emails. This is a feature, as most people want it that way.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you would have to include a pseudonym. OK Leo, if what you say is true, and I do not doubt it, how come that whenever I visit some sites even for the first time where no cookies can be present, my location is correctly identified to the suburb I live in, Chelsea in Vic, Aust, as a matter of fact?

Is there any way there they can track it? Would it have our IP address? Many thanks dave. They can track it. They are able to tell which companies have visited your website. How do they do it? The internet is basically a two-way street. Companies like these simply have sophisticated ways of analyzing the data that is already available. My daughter has a phone I provided for her.

She does not have access to the Internet and does not use a router. She only has texting and calling. She claims that someone knows her IP address of her phone and can follow her. Is this possible? Please return comment asap. Thank you. I had someone post my company videos on youtube using my info and listed it under my name I tried the basic search for their info and they listed all info on youtube under my name can i find out the computer ip address any kinda of way?

Not without the help of law enforcement.

Your Router’s IP Gives It All from The Get-Go

Youtube does not make that available to the public. Do you know of any emerging tech that can help me identify the IP more specifically? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. This article is pretty up to date on the technology that can be used to identify the user at a given IP address. The best thing you can do is use a strong password.

Someone made an gmail account using the fist half of my real email. They sent an email to someone and they said it came from my ip address. Thank you for any help. Dear Leo I have been writing to someone who is suppose to be in the army stationed in Afghanistan. I am trying to find out if he really is there or just trying to lead me on. Please help me if you can. The Defense Department has a website for that.

Another clue would be to find the originating IP address in the header of the email and check it in a whois search.

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Hi, I have been to the police several times regarding this. It has been going on for 3 years now. I have changed my cell number 15 times, I have had different email addresses. Could you please help me. They change my passwords all the time set up accounts Match. Facebook they are using my account. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

They have added new copyrighted books apparently daily to their free giveaways. Authors spend anywhere from a few months to a few years writing a book and they are being robbed of their commissions for their work. The site is protected by icann.

Check IP Address Location

Any ideas? If the Website is hosted in the states you can complain the hosting company. You can file a DMCA take down request. If the site is hosted overseas, then there typically little that can be done other than that trying to contact the site owner. I have the same problem with my books. One important thing to do is realize that your book is essentially a sales letter for your own product or website, and to make sure that every page is branded with your URL or identification. It sounds like first you need to understand how the internet works.

They have patented some sort of technology and claim the source of their data comes from publicly available sources. Publicly available sources essentially refers to information which anyone can Google. They claim to have developed an algorithm to be able to associate an IP address with a physical address using information available to anyone.

They, then, use this information to target ads for their clients. According to the success their clients are having seems to indicate that their algorithm works. Even if their claims of being able to target an individual home might be exaggerated. I can see it messing up a state or city etc but a country? There are are a few ways that can happen. One very common way that happens is that the person might be using a proxy server or VPN. It is very common to use these services to get access to content not available in your own country.

For example, many people use these to get access to things like Netflix or Youtube content not available in their country. Chances are you got the address of a Skype server.


How to Track Someone’s IP (and Location) With a Link

IP addresses are notoriously unreliable — as pointed out in the article. I have a IP address of one mobile number. This IP address you Leo are talking about can show the location but not the address. I am long in terms of this response or medium long, not long and not short in this message. The point is that your article was not that helpful to get the address. Leo, if you shortly provide more information about how to get the exact location, that would be better. The other longer steps to contact the ISP with a court order is tedious and would waste time.

My Facebook and ok. I have IP addresses on ok. As for Facebook,I get notifications if my accounts are being accessed from different devices. I wonder if it possible to find out who does that. The cities are the ones I never visited. Aktiviti berikut boleh meningkatkan tahap anda dalam forum:. Siaran yang ditandai dan dialih keluar sebagai penyalahgunaan akan memperlahankan kemajuan tahap pengguna.

Ulasan ini adalah daripada Forum Produk Google. Untuk melaporkan penyalahgunaan, anda perlu meninggalkan halaman Bantuan semasa. Ulasan ini berasal daripada Forum Produk Google. Untuk membalas, anda perlu meninggalkan halaman Bantuan semasa. Bantuan Google. Hantar maklum balas tentang…. Gmail Help Forum Forum. Their IP address was in acct activity - how can I trace it to the culprit? Will Google help me with this at all? There seems to be NO way to reach a real human being. I have tried contacting them through the technical support link but only received a standard reply of various links that don't pertain to my particular question.

I have worked out how the person who accessed my account did it: my password didn't work when I tried to log in, so I had to re-set it. I discovered how easy it is for someone to get into your account -- if they know you, and your security question is something they can figure out, it's easy for them to re-set your password -- the astericks corresponding to the number of letters makes it even easier.

Has it ever occurred to Google that security questions only work well against unknown persons? Thinking up a security question a family member or close friend can't deduce is actually rather difficult. I might have realized something was up if it weren't for Google's nonchalant attitude toward password resets. Around the time this happened, I received an e-mail from Gmail at my alternate account providing password re-set assistance, but the message said if I hadn't requested a password re-set, it was most likely accidentally prompted by a user having mistakenly entered my username, and that I should just ignore it.

Examine the Header of an Incoming Email

So I discarded the message. Needless to say, I am pretty upset by this. That I can't reach anyone at Google and get any kind of real help is infuriating!

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  5. Their advice canned, impersonaI web-content is to search through the millions of help forum questions to see if another USER can help me!!! Mine is a pretty straight forward question: I have the IP address of the person who did this. Is Google not even remotely interested in protecting the privacy of its users and thereby promoting their confidence and continued patronage? Oh, and the "category" drop-down menu on this "Post a Question" page doesn't even offer a logical category for my question!!!! How will anyone out there with pertinent advice info. Oh, and the "category" drop-down menu on this "Post a Question" page doesn't even offer a logical category for my question!

    How will anyone out there with pertinent advice even find my question? Kandungan komuniti mungkin tidak disahkan atau terkini.

    What is an IP address and what can it reveal about you?

    Ketahui lebih lanjut. The exact same thing happened to me during the month of September except my emails weren't deleted, just stalked stealthily, apparently , in conjuntion with nasty voicemails left on my personal phone which were subsequently deleted when I left my phone unattended. Once they had gained access to my gmail account, they also enabled IMAP I have no smartphone and would have no reason to enable this in my account. When I realized, I not only changed my password and disabled IMAP, but dug a little deeper and realized a false email account had been set up that was VERY similar to my gmail address and it had been set as a secondary email account for password retrieval in at least one of my other online accounts yes, I have stupidly stored other account info in my gmail account thinking it was secure.

    Last night, while I was sleeping, an outside IP address accessed my gmail account at least one time. I want to know who is doing this so that it can be stopped and had previously asked police for assistance and they informed me I would need proof that someone was accessing my accounts.

    Details" which clearly shows an outside IP address accessing my gmail account via a browser not on my home network. I am going through same issue now a days. I had a dispute of payment with somebody and he hacked my email address and deleted all communication between me and him. I can see his IP address clearly and taken screenshots. I went to police station with the printed copies they informed that this is not enough to prove that he accessed my mail account. I asked the ISP who own that IP address and provided internet services to him to give me further information about this IP but no reponse.

    Do not know if I would be able to prove in the court that the specific IP address who usesd to acces my mail account used by that particular person. I understand that this is probably an old question, but here's my answer. I had someone in the Military who I went to high school with hacking my stuff. It's totally free and if you register, you can look up 50 IP addresses a day instead of just 5.

    If you weren't hacked but was sent a threatening email, you can trace the email at this place too.