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Theory, Methods and Tools. Multimodality and Assistive Environments. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Multimodal Interaction. Applications and Case Studies. Cross-Cultural Design. Methods, Tools and User Experience. Culture and Society. Social Computing and Social Media. Design, Human Behavior and Analytics. Communication and Social Communities. Augmented Cognition. Human Body and Motion. Healthcare Applications. Design, User Experience, and Usability.

Design Philosophy and Theory. User Experience in Advanced Technological Environments. Application Domains. Practice and Case Studies. Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions. Information Systems and Analytics. Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Designing Learning Experiences. Ubiquitous and Virtual Environments for Learning and Collaboration. Design for the Elderly and Technology Acceptance. Social Media, Games and Assistive Environments. HCI in Games. Adaptive Instructional Systems. DHM includes a total of 77 papers; they were organized in topical sections named: Part I, Human Body and Motion: Anthropometry and computer aided ergonomics; motion prediction and motion capture; work modelling and industrial applications; risk assessment and safety.

Editors and affiliations. The Muhammadan Architecture Of Ahmedabad. Part I. A D to 84 pages with photographs and lithographic plates. Printed in New Delhi reprint. Photogrphed by Skyes And Dwyer. With Historical And Descriptive Introduction. Hindu Medieval Sculpture.

Printed in France. Paper back 37cm x 27cm. Size 18 cm without jacket. New York rebound.

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Chinese Painting Treasures Of Asia. Indian Royal Brocades. Size 38cm x 26cm. Extraordinary Saris, Patkas, Odhanis, Rumals and fragments, from all the regions of India, in lavish colour. Mithila Volume II :- Contains colour plates withdetails of many pieces. Hardbound cover. Printed in Bombay. Limited copies. Persian Painting. Charles Correa. Mountains Of The Gods. The Himalaya and the mountains of central Asia. Impressions of Rajasthan. Photography by Bronu Morandi pages with colour photographs printed in Italy Paris.

Printed In Portugal London. Without jakcet.

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Design, Ornament, Architecture, and theory in an age in transition. Printed in china. Photographys by Pierre-Alain Ferrazzini. Printed and bound In Italy London. Without Jacket. A dialogue in stone. Translated by Narisa Chakrabongse. Size x mm. The Art Of India. Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery. Thanjavur A Cultural History. Photographs Vikram Sathyanathan. Printed in New Delhi Sacred Buddhist Painting.

Foreword Lokesh Chandra. The Hindu Tample. Chughtai's Indian Paintings. Introduction and notes by S Kashmira Singh. Printed and published New Delhi. Missing 3 Plates size 40cm x 30cm. Printed and bound in Japan New York. Buddha In Chinese Woodcuts. Printed in Bombay New Delhi. Studies In Early Indian Painting. Printed in India Bombay Without jacket.

New Documents Of Jaina Painting. Bundi Painting. A Desriptive Catalogue. The Sculpture O India B. Introduction by Philip Mason. Zardozi - Glitting gold embroidery. The Tifr Art Collection. Amrita Sher-Gil: Icon works and memorabilia from her lasr years. Delhi rebound. The Golden Book Of Tagore. Indian Embroidery. Handicrafts Of India. Indian Carpets and Floor Coverings. Inner Recesses Outer Spaces Memoirs.

Delhi Light, Shades, Shadows. Raja Ravi Varma. Painter of Colonial India. Printed in india. The Historical Quarters Of Karachi. Printed in Spain Paris. Architecture Form, Space, and Order. Printed in USA 2nd edition. Witout jacket. Tradition and beyond. Photography by Renuka Kelkar. Foreword by Nicholas Roerich. Limited to copies this copy no. Size 44cm x 34cm. Exotic Indian Interiors. Indian In Luxury.

South India. Pinnacle Of Cultural Heritage. Dev Anand Dashing Debonair. Mr and Mrs Dutt Memories our perents. Arts Of India Wednesday 24 Septermber Visions Of India Tuesday 5 October Deeg Palace Its Romance and Wonder. With a Foreword by John Vollmer. Life At Court In Rajasthan. Photographs by Addison Doty. Techno Textiles 2. Textile Design Portfolio. Dreaming Of Africa.

With Colour plates and loos plates printed in Italy New York. The Peaceful Revolutionary. Printed in Italy bound in US. Desert Eves.

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An Indian Paradise. Kashmir Shawls. The Tapi Collection. Text Edited by Carmen Kagal. Foreword by Ruth Barnes. The New Textiles: Trend and Traditions. Printed and bound in Singapore reprinted London. Redoute Lilies 50 Selected Prints. Printed and published in USA Charlie Chaplin Text by Sam Stourdze.

Modern Architecture In Germany. Thai Textiles. Jaina Art. Pocket sixe paperback. The Painted Towns of Shekhawati. Traditional Buildings Of India with illustrations, 92 in colour pages printed and bound in Italy London. Printed in Italy revised edition London. Contemporary Houses. Printed In China Barcelona. Colour photpgraphs printed in Mumbai Miao Textiles from China. Printed in China Ahmedabad. The Art Of War. The Complete and fully illustrated edition of Sun Tzu's Philosophical masterpiece with four other classics in the ancient warrior tradition.

Archaelogical Survey Of India. Volume XLV. Volume XLVI. Printed in New Delhi Varanasi. Razia Siraj-Ud-Din. Sir Muhammad Iqbal. English and urdu language. Printed in Lahore. Sir Mohammad Iqbal. English and Urdu Language. Printed in Pakistan. Coins Of The World Ramayana Pahari Paintings. The Vanishing Border. Twentieth Century Masters Le Corbusier. Chintz : Indian Textiles for the West. Indian Embroidery Photographs by Richard Davis. A history of the jodhpur style. The Indian Portrait Printed in Hongkong. Dress in Detail. From around the World. With contributions from Anna Jackson and Charlotte Horlyck.

Photographs by Richard Davis. Drawings by Leonie Davis. Islamic Patterns. An analytical and cosmological approach. Foreword by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. Vishnu Hinduism 's Blue-Skinned Savior. Masterworks Of Asian Art. The cleveland museum of art. Presented here are the highlights of the Cleveland Museum of Art's celebrated collection of Asian art, the range and quality of which have been made possible by a steadfast commitment that dates from the founding of the museum in It illustrates for the first time more than of the finest objects in full color, including Chinese paintings and textiles, traditional Japanese ink-paintings and medieval stoneware, and superb examples of Cambodian and early Indian stone sculpture.

Le Corbusier: Ideas And Forms. Modern Architecture Since Printed in China 3rd edition London. Printed in Mumbai. The Feminie Unbound. April-June Pathbreakers Deep insights, unknown facts and captivating events in the life of 26 top achivers, in their own words foreword by Dr Vijay Kelkar. The Glory Of Indian Miniatures. Ragachitra Deccani Ragamala Paintings.

The Gloery Of Indian Miniatures. Horse Warriors India's 61st Cavalry. Printed and bound in Verona. Krishna Divine Lover. Myths and Legends through Indian Art. Ragamala Exposition Mars Reprint New Delhi. Tyeb Mehta Triumph Of Vision. Princes And Painters in Mughal Delhi, Classic Natural History Prints Fish.

Printed in India reprinted. Printed and bound in China copyright Utah. Size The book of war. With an introduction by Stuart Cary Welch. Mughal Painting During Jahangir's Time. Eastern Indian Manuscript Painting. Chitra-Pothi Illustrated Palm-leaf manusripts from Orissa. Fabric Art Heritage of India. The Ranas Of Nepal. Photographs by Prashan Pannjiar. Folk Paintings Of Bengal. Printed in Delhi New Delhi. New York. Printed in China copyright UK.

Splendours of the Raj. British Architecture in India Printed and bound in Great Britain. The remarkable story of the Sikh Empire told through a spectacular selection of over rare and beautiful objects from the world's finest collection of Sikh art. Printed and bound in UK. Street Graphics Cuba pages with illustrations, in colour.

Printed in Hong Kong London. Street Graphics New York pages with illustrations. Printed In Hong Kong London. Printed in Malaysia Ahmedabad.

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Chairs: A Histroy. Paravati Goddess of Love. Akriti to sanskriti. The Journey of Indian forms. Printed in new delhi. Printed and bound In Singrapore second impression The Flute and The Lotus. Romantic moments in Indian Poetry and painting pages with colour illustrations. Delight in Design. Indian Sliver of the Raj. Impossible Picturesqueness edward Lear's Indian watercolours, with and essay by Allen Staley.

India Through The Lens Photography Indian Art. The Body Adorned. Yogini Cult and Temples. A Tantric Tradition. The Artistry Of Ottoman Ceramics. Ikat Textiles Of India. Printed in New Delhi second edition. Jewels on the Crescent. Masterpieces of the chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Vastu Sangrahalayes. Printed in India Gandhinagar. Gods, Guardians and Lovers. Temple Sculptures from North A D Hard Bound. Temples Of Khajuraho.

Vol 1. Dance Dialects Of India. IX, Pt. April, to March, Printed in Baroda Jamini Roy. Birbhum Terracottas. Studies In Nirgranth Art and Architecture. The Indian Temple Traceries. Living Tradtiion Of Iran's Crafts. Handwoven fabrics of India. Published In Bhavnagar. Ajanta A Cultural Study. Printed in Poona Masterpieces Of Indian Terracottas. Kishangarh Painting. Size 46cm x 35cm Rebound. Helmut Foll, Gozde Yasar. Printed in China Atglen. Printed in bound In New Delhi 2nd edition. Printed in Delhi copyright New Delhi. The End Of A Trail. The Story Of Asia's Lions. Printed in Navi Mumbai 2nd edition Mumbai.

Calcutta An Artist's Impression. Prabhuddha Das Gupta. Printed in New Delhi copyright Printed and bound in Japan Printed and bound in Istanbul copyright New Jersey. Paths Uncharted. Treasures of Indian Art. Printed in London. The Pillow Book. Printed and bound in Italy New York. Street Graphics India. Four Centuries of Rajput Paintings.

India Udaipur as it is!. Size 24 x 32 cm. India Past Into Present. Catalogue No. Bombay Deco Photography Noshir Gobhai. Indian Ivories A Survey of Indian ivory and bone carvings from the earliest to modern times foreword by prof. Niharranjan Ray. Ragamala Painting. Copyright New Delhi. Textiles and Dress Of Gujarat. An Introduction To Basketmaking. The Ehrenfeld Collection. This book has been published in Conjuction with the exhibition, org.

Manufactured in Japan. Eicher Joanne B. Volume 2. Schevill Margot Blum ed. Latin America and the Caribbean. Volume 3. Tortora Phyllis Ed. Dhamija Jasleen Ed. Volume 6. Vollmer John Ed. East Asia. Volume 7. Maynard Margaret ed. Asutralia, New Zeland, and the Pacific Islands. Volume 8. Skov Lise Ed.. West Europe.

Bartlett Djurdja Ed.

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East Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus. Volume Eicher Joanne B Ed. Global Perspectives. Block Printed Textile Of India. Printed In Delhi. Printed In Italy. Firearms Of The Islamic World. Ottoman Embroidery photographs by Christine Smith. The Muria And Their Ghotul.

The Primary Structures of Fabrics. SIZE 31 X 23 cm. Indian Miniature Painting. The collection of earnest C Watson and jane werner Watson. Elvehjem art center. Persian rugs and carpets. The fabric of life. Edited by Ian Bennett. Printed and bound in china. SIZE 21 X 27 cm. Islamic Painting. Arab, Persian, Indian, Turkish Painting. Treasures Of Asia Arab Paintng. Islamic Art And Architecture Printed in Italy UK. Embroidery from India and Pakistan by Sheila Paine.

Indian Painting Mughal and Rajput and a Sultanate manuscript. Mosques Of Cochin. Silversmiths To The Nation. The book presents the first in-depth study of the celebrated silversmiths and their magnificent work. First 2 pages damage. Printed in Delhi reprint. The Arts Of Persia. The Master Weavers. Preface by Jasleen Dhamija.

Mud Mirror and Thread. Folk traditions of Rural India pages with full colour photographs and maps printed in Singapore reprint Ahmedabad. Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam. With 28 figures, plates and 1 map. Printed and published New Delhi Calukya architecture. Medieval temples of northern Karnataka built during the rule of the calukya of Kalyana and thereafter, ad With figures, plates and 15 maps.

Catalogue pages with colour illustrations. Copyright New York Without jacket. Krsna Art. Charles Correa with essays by Kenneth Frampton. Innovation Through The 20th Century. The Great Embroideries Of Bukhara. Text , Michael Franses. Printed in Belgium. Catalogue printed and bound In UK. Slippack box size 46cm x 34cm. Threads of Identity. Dress and Embroideries of Nomadic Rabaris. Reprint Printed In Italy New Delhi. Printed and bound in Netherland.

Printed in Pakistan Hampi A Story In Stone. Photographs Noshir Gobhai. Three Painters. The Jewelry of Nepal. Printed and bound in Hongkong. Printed in Singapore Ahmedabad. Printed in Japan Volume II. Volume III. Printed in India copyright India Under The Mughal Empire Printed in Spain London. Indian Architecture. Wihout jackat. Printed In Calcutta. South Indian Bronzes. Reprint rebound. The Humorous Art of Gogonendranath Tagore. Published by birla academy art and culture.

Paper back, spiral binding. Ornamental Identity and Beauty in INdia. Printed in INdia A Guide to The Indian Miniature.

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  • Indian Carpets. Printed and bound in West Germany London. Iranian Carpets. Art, Craft And Histrory pages with colour illustrations. Text by Robert Payne. Printed in Italy Great Britain. Printed and bound in Tokyo New York. Timeless Treasures. Style Of India. Amin Jaffer. Printed and bound in India.

    Weight approx. Printed in Banglore New Delhi. Sanchi Rediscovered. Printed in India Calcutta. Jaina Art And Architecture. Printed and published in New Delhi. Fashioning The Divine. Rajput Architecture. Folk Art Of The Punjab. An essay on the art and philosophy of Courage, Voluptuous celebration and Demythologising Incision. Essential Gaudi. Adi Granth Paintigs.


    Colour and creativity across a continent. Printed and bound in singapore. Printed And Dyed Textiles from Africa. Textiles Of The Islamic World pages with illustrations, in colour printed and bound in China London paper back. Indian Textiles with illustrations, In colour and 4 maps pages printed in China New Delhi. Traditional Indian Textiles pages illustration colour and 4 maps printed and bound in China reprint London.

    Bikaner Golden Jubilee Size, 44cm x 30cm. Maps Of Mughal India. Printed in Singapore New Delhi. Size 34cm x 48cm. This present copy no. Weight app.. Printed and bound in Chine London. Size 36cm x Printed In India Calcutta. Size 35cm x 25 cm. Glimpses of Mughal Architecture.

    Introduction with historical analysis by Sir Jadunath Sarkar. Text by S. Edited and complied and surveyed by A. Indian painting in the Sarabhai Foundation. Edited by B N goswamy in asscoiation with Usha Bhatia. Nainsukh of Guler. A great Indian painter from a small hill state. New delhi. Painted visions. The Goenka collection of Indian paintings. With many colour plates. Indian costumes part II. Histrical Textile of India vol. The Spirit Of Indian Painting. Close Encounters with Great Works Wonderous Images.

    Krishna seen as shrinath-ji picchwais of the Vallabha Sampradaya. A Place Apart. Painting in Kutch Pahari Masters. Court painters of Northern India. Mostly from the North and Western India. Calico Museum Reprint. Pahari paintings of the Nala Damyanti theme in the collection of Dr. Karan Singh. National Musuem. Photographs by Robyn Beeche. Printed in France Paris. Printed in Hong Kong Oxofordshire. This catalog is published in conjunction with an exhibition organized and presented by the Robin museum of art, New York, Sept. November , Ahmedabad. Persian Painting Treasures Of Asia. Missing 9 plates.

    The Arts Of India. Printed In Great Britain Oxford. A Cultural And Natural History. Printed and bound in Germany Concepts and Responses. Masterpieces Of Traditonal Indian Architecture. Their Stories Signigication And Origin. Printed in London reprinted. A Journey Through India.

    Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. In search of dignity. Essays by Wilhelm Klein. Preface by Wade Davis. Printed and bound in hongkong. Indian Folk And Tribal Paintings. My Sculpture. Printed in Calcutta A World Heritage site. Akbar's magnificent city on a hill. Photographs by Prafash Israni. Ajanta, Ellora And Aurangabad Caves. With 15 illustrations In colour, in monochrome half-tone and 58 line drawings pages printed in India Bombay without jacket. Living Traditions In Indian Art. The Sacred Landspace Of Varanasi pages with colour photographs, drawings, maps printed and bound in Korea London.

    Soldiers Of the Raj Indian Army Indian Temple Sculpture. Wonder Of The Ages. Master Painters Of India Volume Two. The Rajput Princesses. Pages with colour plates. Printed in India New Delhi. Tilework In Pakistan. Photographs by Hans Hinz. Forward by Alan Macfarlane. Printed in Great Britain copyright From The Rainbow's Varied Hue. Textiles of the Southern Philippines. Islamic Art Heritage Of Bangladesh. A Portrait Of The Hindus.

    Recollections Of India. The Temple Architecture Of India. With translations from the sanskrit by Mattia Salvini.

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    Printed and bound in England London size 30cm x Printed In New Delhi. Size 23 X 31 Cm. Holy man of India. Sadhus Holy Men Of India. Japanese language. Islam Art And Architecture.