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We can then use this in our code, in exactly the way we did before using String. IndexOf , String. SubString and String. Replace methods. So we add the following additional code to our ConfigureDataSourceProperties method;.

As long as the content editors are aware of the behaviour this allows us to create quite complex queries. This is without changing any of the web part properties, and allows us to drive dynamic content from a single web part to our entire user base. So this bolt-in allows you to control the Sort By.

Tech and me: Make sure your People Search is fuzzified

First off we need to add some Web Part Properties so that the user can modify their values:. This will provide the Web Part property editing functionality:. Once we have done that, we can add the following code to our ConfigureDataSourceProperties method yes.. Step 6 — Enjoy! So congratulations if you made it this far.

I know this was a long blog post but thought it was worth walking through it properly. If you have any questions, feedback or questions then please get in touch using the comments, and here are links to the downloads which are also referenced at the top of this blog post.

So what you should be doing is use the same Managed Metadata TermSet in both your lists and libraries as you do in the User Profile Service Properties. Then when a user edits their profile and selects a department you can then pull that value out and use it to provide a personalised set of Search results. Lets assume you have added a Site Column called "CustomDepts" and added it to a document library to allow tagging. I then edit my profile and select "Information Technology" in the "MyDept" field.

When I visit the page with your webpart then it will execute the query: CustomDepts:"Information Technology". Ill just brief you about my requirement , i need to customize my search results based on some filters , i have a list of departments metadata property column with check boxes and based on the check boxes selected by the user , the documents belonging to that department need to displayed on the core results web part. Do you mean "what department the user is in? If you are simply trying to get the department of the current user then you just pull out the "Department" profile property which would be something like [UPP-Department]..

Just had a query as to how obtain the search results based on the department metadata dynamically.

Daniel — this won't work in the sandbox because it uses the User Profile namespace which won't be accessible. Great work on this is a great need for the enchanced Search Core WP is there a possiblity to deploy it on O through a Sandbox Solution? Hi I have been trying to modify your webpart example to show latest results sorted by Date or Write property.

Order seems to be random. Any ideas? I must have seen this requirement dozen of times on different projects, having search results which either: Filter using a User Profile Property of the current user Filter using a dynamic date range e.

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Clear ; dataSource. Add "Title" , Microsoft. Replace this. Substring 0, strDays.

Making Sure the People Properties Are Available and Searchable

AddDays days. AddDays 0 - days. Could not convert the days value to an integer. Substring 0, strPropertyName. Substring 0, strToReplace.

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Substring 0, strValues. Clear ; 6: dataSource. This helped me a lot , Many thanks to you. Martin Hatch. Ok, this post was about filtering based on the User Profile of the current user. When I visit the page with your webpart then it will execute the query: CustomDepts:"Information Technology" This is giving me personal results. The last section to mention is Results Query Options.

A new dropdown is available to override the Query Language. You can also still specify the Fixed Keyword Query here and you can make use of the Append Text To Query option that I have mentioned in a previous post.

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This only configures the configuration changes of course. I am looking at configuring the CoreSearch results web part for each content type e. Apart from this, i would also like to configure the Refinement Panel of Enterprise Search for each of the above content type.

Can you please let me know if it is possible. Ram The Refinement Panel is pretty easy to configure. Try this post and see if it helps. I am provisioning a CoreResultsWebPart as part of a feature.

Hiding People from People Search

How do i configure the SearchOptions? I need to configure my search results to show the actual file name at the top of the result. I have read you can do this by editing the XSL but I have no idea about this. Can you help? Oldwizard46 This can be done by manipulating managed properties and some XSL.