Police records for the year 1918

This was the first school of its kind in the world and had a far reaching impact on law enforcement. Vollmer was elected as the president of the California Police Chiefs Association in , and in , he became the president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In , was the first Chief to put officers on bicycles. In , organized the first Police Motorcycle Patrol.

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Chief Vollmer became a strong advocate of college educated police officers. In , began using intelligence tests in recruiting police officers. In , the first lie detector instrument was developed at University of California and used by BPD. In , began to use psychiatric screening in recruitment. In , the first Junior Traffic Police Program was established.

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In , established one of the first single fingerprint systems. Elizabeth Gurnell Anderson Lossing was appointed.

Poverty, manslaughter and stealing apples: police records shed light on Dublin 100 years ago

Menu "Home" Begins - Skip Menu. Two union organizers were convicted and imprisoned after being defended by the celebrated attorney, Clarence Darrow. After heading the Department from to , Charles E. Sebastian became the first Chief to be elected Mayor, partly because of his vigorous crusade against vice. If he is remembered for nothing else, Chief Clarence E.

Snively, successor to Sebastian in , recognized the menace of cigarette smoking. His "Anti-Cigarette Clinic" tried to influence juveniles to shun the habit.

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Snively contended that "…the use of cigarettes by children is a great cause of delinquency. The nicotine poison which enters the body… has a tendency to make weak bodies, weak intellects and weak morals. But a year later, both the Clinic and its founder were gone. Striking workers were labeled as "Reds" and were warned they were subject to arrest for subversion. The Department lost 15 percent of its sworn personnel to the armed forces.

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  • During the influenza epidemic of , almost half of a million Americans were fatally stricken. Among them were many LAPD officers. A "Flying Squad" also came into being in It was equipped with two "high powered" automobiles operated by detectives after midnight to handle violent crimes commonly occurring during early morning hours.

    Violent crime obviously had no time clock.

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    In the six-month period between October and March , 17 police officers, two percent of all sworn personnel, lost their lives in the line of duty. Starting in and for the better part of the next 20 years, varying levels of corruption tainted local government and the Department. This was the era of prohibition and the Depression. Known as a wide-open town, Los Angeles attracted the worst elements produced by the times.

    http://www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/hylygod/1159-cellulari-iphone.php Crooked politicians, racketeers, bootleggers, and judges enjoyed immunity to arrest. The City was all but totally in the hands of bosses who controlled elected officials, dictating police appointments and promotions while garnering huge sums from booze, gambling, and vice.

    Sir Edward Ward Inspects Special Police & St. John's Nurses (1914-1918)