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In some ways you can see that by going to the different manufacturers of software plug-ins as well—the Waves version of the Fairchild does, in fact, have a different tone than the Universal Audio one. And some of that could just be the nature of the different hardware units they modeled. Then I find myself kind of adding a few things onto that. Stacking stuff, you can really mess stuff up, but also get something interesting. He works out of his own mix room at Silent Sound in the ATL, and also travels to work with the production team Stargate and others.

I love the old s— all of them. You take a classic record that has a really beautiful ballad vocal and the reverb was almost like the background vocals; the sonics of your reverb supported the lead. I miss the sonics of that.

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I have a that we use from time to time, and even the old [Lexicon] PCM 91s. Like so many top studios, Sonic Ranch offers an impressive selection of great analog gear—Neve and SSL consoles, preamps, compressors, and mics, as well as scads of digital pieces, for the ultimate in hybrid recording. It resides in the fact that electrons moving at the speed of light encounter resistance and slow down as they run through copper connections and specifically tuned transformers. The slowing and characterizing of these electrons will never be able to be replicated by the digital world.

So I use the real vintage outboard gear on the priority tracks. Obviously you put your multiple mics on a guitar amp or a drum kit or whatever. Just wanted to thank you! The Wunder wins every shootout for tracking and mixing. This console is akin to cheating, it sounds so extraordinary. I love it. I imagine the only thing better is the real CM7. Simply put, Wunder Audio manufactures the highest quality recording equipment available.

Our obsession with capturing the best sound possible forces us to continually ask, "How can we make this better? In , Led Zeppelin bass and keyboard player John Paul Jones ordered a custom console to be built for his personal recording studio. In , the guys at Stardog Studio, a recording studio in Austin Texas, were joining together and refurbishing a couple of Series Neve consoles for the studio, and came across twenty-four modules made for this one-of-a-kind desk.

Click to read more The original desk was destroyed during a move, so the modules were taken out and sold. They thought these modules sounded amazing and figured out that the beauty of the sound was coming from the transformer. But the custom modules were too wide to slip into the Neve desk they were refurbishing. Inspired by these transformers, they wanted to remake the modules to fit into their desk.

Wanting to keep the original modules intact, they spent a lot of time creating their own hand-made, custom-wound transformers. Off-the-shelf transformers would never do. They did a little detective work and contacted the maker of the original transformers, who still had the old plans available, and the original winding machine.

They had to re-tool to remake the pressed metal transformer-can used in the original module. The transformers are physically larger than the ones used in a and would just fit in the new redesigned housing with a 5mm clearance! The remake was based on the circuit of the Led Zepplin modules, but their obsession led to many modifications and improvements of this design which led to the creation of the PEQ1 module.

When making the module housing, circuits, transformers, and silk-screened faceplates for the Stardog Studio board, the smallest number they could make was , or the project would be too expensive. Audio Research Reference 75 SE. Auto loading for moving coil phono cartridges 3. Uses inductors instead of capacitors for the RIAA stages 4.

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Selling my Moon i. Excellent condition - no scratches, etc.

Phenomenal integrated amp for anyone getting started in the world of hifi. Avanti Audio Allegro Interconnects - Analog 1. The Avanti Audio Allegro series analog interconnect cables bring the listener a new level of performance by utilizing a wide bandwidth, ultra-fine stranded OFC copper conductor cable design.

The resulting sound is even-handed and transparent with effortless extensio Revelation Au Hugo 2 Silver Mint Condition. A pair of Devialet in great condition. These are 2 units of Devialet that have been configured to become a pair of dual-mono Devialet from Devialet's online configurator. Configuration is stored in SD card loaded into the Devialet units. If you have small speakers, D This ad is for 1 x Nagra HD Dac.

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Stunning musicality from this top-tier dac Nagra HD dac. Universal accolades in the audio press and at shows around the world. One owner and rarely used- includes the two ACPS power supplies one for analog; one for digital.

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Smooth and non-fati Audio Research LS26, black finish. Absolutely like new condition! Original box and owner's manual. Original owner, purchased from authorized dealer. New tubes. Incredible sound like most AR tube pre-amp. Natural finish, original box and manual. Absolutely perfect like new condition! Brand new tubes. One of the beat sounding DACs at any price! Sonus Faber's Venere line has to be their top selling product line.

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Striking a perfect balance between elegant aesthetics, striking performance and reasonable cost. The 'S' model or Signature is the only speaker in the line that is designed and built in Italy.

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It offers a number of performance and appearance upgrades to make it outstanding. It reaches nearer to the Olympica series than any The products they produce and sell are often called giant killers. Hand built units with passion and the desire for perfection, yet with performance that often exceeds some of the best amps out there. One of those name is Aesthetix Monitor Audio's Platinum Line continues to impress listeners. Using ARC Anti-resonant, mineral loaded composite cabinets, to accelerated, low-turbulence ports to stiffened drivers made with exotic space-age materials, the resulting sound is nothing short of breath-taking in terms of dynamics and imaging.

Able to reproduce the critical center channel dialogue and soundtrack information to p The turntable comes with a full 2 Year manufacturers warranty, and a lifetime trade-in value! And it' East End Hi-Fi is pleased to form a new partnership with Acoustic Signature, one of the leading manufacturers of turntables and tonearms. Please contact us for an audition!

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