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Monday morning I received a note from Margie saying that she would like it if I would accompany her to a Euchre party instead of Mr Macys. Then that same evening I went with her to Mr Macys, and again did not leave her until 4 OC as I was not to see her again and so felt like lengthening out the fleeting moments as far as possibe. Wendesday eve a farewell tournament with Macy was the order. I beat him six games out of seven games he made up his mind to take lessons of Peter while I was gone.

This A. I went of course, and with him took a grand gallop of seven miles into the country. I do not remember having mentioned that I received a letter from father last Thursday. I must according to promise write a letter to dear Margie this evening. Venderdi Oct 4" I am very much displeased with my success thus far I seem to be most unfortunate in meeting my customers; Did nothing in Allentown or Bethlehem and finding a fair in progress at Reading concluded to go up to Pottsville then come back here Reading. Schulkill Haven or Ashland; the latter place I left to-day for this town, my want of success gave me a very severe fit of the blues which moste fortunately found a splendid remedy in a letter which was awaiting me here, from Mar-gie, how delightfully it seemed calculated to arrive, just in time to raise my sombre spirits by its light glad trusting tone and transform at once my blues into the brightest rose colors.

I scarcely know what the house will think of my long silence but of one thing I am sure I have done my best for their interests. I received a letter at Potsville from sister, she has not heard from me for a long time and fearing that I was sick, was going to write to the Firm if she did not receive a reply at once. I wrote her without delay. Commenced raining last night. I want to reply to Margie to-night, but must write some business instead. Lundi 7me Jones Hotel Harrisburg. Came down to Lebanon Saturday eve or rather Sunday morning for owing to the train being behind time I did not get to town until 2 O.

Spent most of yesterday in writing letters, among the rest was one to Margie of course. I have been wondering if my passion for her will last until I return to the city or is it so strong that it will burn itself out before that time sure it is that I never saw my self as completely in-slaved before. If I write it is with an effort for between each sentence I find myself pausing and thinking of her, if in walking on the St.

I do not recognize old friends altho looking straight at them; In business however she never intrudes I can make up my orders, sell good or talk traffick without her presence, as soon as that is done however, mind and heart acknowledge her near. Did a fair trade in L. I almost think that I cannot be a very good salesman or I should have my customers more under my thumb. Mercredi- 9"- I could not get away from here on account of having to wait the motion of one or two customers. This is a Jewish Holliday of some kind.

Called down to the Adams Ex Ofice to see Morehouse. He is as gay as ever. Yesterday this state had her election and until a late hour last night the Democrats were jubilant with the news which was constant-ly arriving of party gains for them. Met a traveller from Seligmann and Macys. I have had no news from the house since I started. I suppose however everything must be going on well or I should hear of it. Wrote to sister this A. Jeudi 10" Grape Hotel - Lancaster Pa. Wanted to gon on to York to night but am delayed by Bair who will not come in before to-morrow morning.

I wonder still just how long it will be before I shall think of Margie just as I do of any other woman. Humbug- but to candidly acknowledge this to any other but Margie would be an easy matter, to her I can not. La Forge where is your manhood? Mercredi 16" Mansion House Carlisle Pa. Came to York from L- on the 11" did but little business there and succeeded in getting up 8to Chambersburg on Saturday evening.

While going up the beautiful Cum-berland Vally and very buisy thinking of, my at present most pleas-ing subject. I was made very uncomfortable by detecting myself looking at the moon over my left shoulder. I am not a believer in signs and prognostications, but hapening to remember just then that so seeing the moon was a sign of disappointment. What a grand long letter it was, 6 pages note. I have also written lan-guage as expressive of love as that also of high respect.

How long it seems to look forward to the time when I shall see her again. Nov 10" hasten your arrival. My old friends in Chambersburg seemed very pleased to see me. Mr Oaks who has been married since I was there before, insisted on my going up to spend the evening with his wife and sister.

Sunday morning I took a horse and went out to the foot of the mountain. Returned in time to go to the 10 OC servises. In the P. Mr Hiteshew was in to make some arraingements to see my goods early in the morning as he was going off at an early hour. Had a good trade on Monday, and yesterday came down here the 1. This morning went down to the Carlisle Sulphur Springs about 6 miles from here with Abner Beutz for a ride.

Venderdi 18" Exchange Hotel. I found on getting to Hamburgh yesterday morning that I could not come farther until 1. To day did some trade in that town then came here at 7. I suppose he wants to look after the trade which Fuller con-troll'd before he left us. By the way I understand that Fuller succeeded in getting his salary by course of law. Dimanche 20" It is now nearly midnight consequently too late to make much of an entry.

Got here last evening about 8 O. Here means Logan House Altoona found a very dear letter from Margie. I have replied to her this evening. A lawyer from Huntindon last evening told me a couple of local anecdotes relating to lawyer Spear and Rev Mr Clark, both of his town. I must record them sometime. Lundi 21". I can do nothin here I find so even during the day am at a loss to know what to do. Did get a visitors permit and went thr'o the P. Shops here. The yarn about the Huntingdon lawyer Spear was this. It appears that he had made himself rather unpopular by charging too much when naturalizing the irish of his neighborhood.

Spear went up there as one of the speakers and he was a pretty good one when it came his turn he came out with much dig-nity and commenced "My friends" said he "we have dug the grave of the Republican party, we have dug it wide and deep and we come here to night to bury the Republican corpse, we will put it in a cof'in lined with Green backs a reflection on our currency lower it into the grave and cover it with manure" what else he was going to say is unknown for he was interrupted by an Irish voice- "Spear!

Mr Spear-r! Now for Clark. One evening an Irishman who knew not a word of Dutch brought a big Dutch girl to Clark and gave "his riverence" to understand that he wanted to be married to her. After it was over and clark had got his fee some lemonade and cake was brought out. Clark put his question so that it was understood. Clark requested the gentleman who was of the party not to say anything about the matter, but the story leaked out thr'o one of the ladies. Mardi 22". Stoped at Altoona last evening but not finding my friend O. Trade is now pretty good in town but merchants do not feel disposed to buy largely on account of the decline in pri-ces.

Merrill sent me a letter saying that he would start for Eu-rope to-day. This evening went to see Chaufran play Sam. Venderdi 25" Trade bad before but execrable now - met a stopper yesterday - no Wednesday - by the news from N. Merchants in many cases had large stocks on hand and were consequently heavy losers, were very blue indeed they can hardly be induced to buy at all. Yesterday I packed up and took the 3. His father in company with General Rawley had called at the St Charles to see me but I did not happen to be in and so missed the pleasure of seeing him as he started for Baltimore immediately after.

Arrived at New Castle at 7. Some men were in the Bar Room, they had a revolver out of which they had fired all but one shot one John Keefer had it in his hand and had taken the cylinder out. Keefer pointed the pistol at him and said "Jim beg for your life! Keefer pulled the trigger which happened to be over the only loaded barrel - and the bullet struck Book directly on the tip of his nose and passed into his head. Jim was wild and Keefer also "What have I done! What have I done"! The doctor came and probed the wound but could not find the bullet which had passed back toward his right ear.

I am going out with young Clendenning to ride this eve then shall go on to Greenville. Dimanche 27"- Found that I could do nothing in Greenville on ac-count of the dull trade, and one of Jaffrays Phila' men was there three days before me and had stocked them all up in my goods. So my chances are poor here also. Yesterday watched two or three inings of a Base Ball match which was not very well contested.

No letter has yet arrived for me from Margie. I told her that I would not be here until the 28" or 29". I suppose that one will be here before that time and I will leave word for it to be forwarded to me at Andover so that I may get it by the time I get to sisters. Shall start for Franklin at 2. Wrote to M. Lundi 28". Merchants Exchange. Our fair weather is over. I never knew such a beautiful October as this has been scarcely a foul day.

Came down here from M- at 1. Woodburn is at the city and Miller has just returned. The sound of mournful music reaches me from the parlor, it is the first that I have heard in a long time and it has a peculiar effect on me. Must read Othello and see if the story will change my spirits. Dimanche 3" Nov. By writing this in sisters blue ink I shall have at a glance the exact date when I made my pleasant visit; Tuesday last I went to Titusville got thro' there in time to take the train to Carry. But not understanding the arraingement I did not get my trunks on the train that evening so went back to the Hotel.

Got down to Andover just before dark took supper with Billings intending to drive out to Joes after dark.

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Staid with B- all night coming up here next morning. My dear sister and friends All were well. I missed poor little Matie very much.


Attended church yesterday and saw almost everybody; was over to Mr Crandalls last evening. Expect to start for Great Bend to-night. God bless her always. Lundi 4" Wyoming Valley Hotel. Left Andover on the 5. M, train to which Joe had brought me in the rain yesterday. At Hornellville waited for the Buffalo Ex. While waiting got supper and wrote three letters one to Margie. I told the latter that she after being my exorcist was allowing the evil Spirit of Distrust - cast out of my breast - to find some way of ingress to her own heart.

Arrived at Great Bend at 3. I am selling out my samples here and expect to be able to start for home at 1 P. The rain ceased falling about 2 P. Mercredi 6". Started from W. I went down into the Kit-chen to see Toby. Gibb has got back from his Western tour and Mr Mills will start for Europe tomorrow week. Macy was in to the store and I had the most unal-loyed pleasure in meeting him. Recd Margie's letter sent to Scranton and returned to this place again.

Called to see the dear girl this evening but she not expecting me had gone out her landlady came to the door saying that she sup-posed I was Major La Forge. I told her I was. She was "Sure Miss G. I had told him that I would be there to-morrow evening so he did not expect me this evening and had went out. M Said. Florence had gone out also but came home when she learned I was there had a very pleasant time indeed.

LaForge Letters: 1867

Recd a letter from John Clemence he says that infernal watch wont go and wants to know what is right in the matter. I hardly know myself. I have read somewhere that not one man in ten would wright their own tho'ts if they kept a Journal I will. The unworthy thot entered my brain that Mr M being out and Margie at the same time. How very foolish. I would make a jealous hus-band I am sure; if so small a matter could give grounds for sus-picion. Samedi 9". This evening went over to see Miss Annie Griggs. She had always tho't that man and woman kind acted just as they were in reality had never comprehended the hypocritical portion of the human family.

She also informed me with many blushes that she was engaged to be married. Maggie Cook will be married about the 15" of the same month. High ho! How would I feel, I wonder, to see Margie married to any other man. I doubt if my philosophy would furnish anything like the amount of comfort or consolation that I should require in such a contingency.

Rainy yester eve and to-day. Was down at the St Nicholas and Me-tropolitan hotels this P. Have just received back those papers which I sent to Mr Wiltsie with a request to him that I might continue the correspondence with his niece. I have just read the last line of the last entry. My doubts are all clear on the point now.

Macy was telling me what transpired between him and his friend at the 5" Av hotel. I have also seen Margie since she moved to Mr Ms on the 7" and is now one of his family and she looked with such a pure, true, trusting expression into my face that my unworthy suspicion vanished at once. I trust her.

Macy beat me 3 out of 5 at billiards Thursday evening. I must make that up when I get back to the city which will be about the 20" of Dec. He told me that he most surly expected me to be at his house on Christmas and New Years days. What a heart ache I have had since Monday night.

I according to a compact was not to marry until the 21" day of July 78 This of course was all told in very differ-ent language from what I am using here and nobody can ever tell the heart ache the words caused me. She told me that she had never misunderstood me, and that to tell her this was something cruel.

To the picture I drew of married life without a decent competence, she replied. That if I loved her well enough to make her my wife, it would be done. I would either break or be absolved from my vow, lovers would move Heaven and Earth to possess each other. Did I suppose that If married to a woman that loved me, she would ever make my lot harder by complaint?

If a man wedded on a small salary and this salary was stoped by some untoward event, would not his wife take the dress of last year, have it dyed and turned, and the old bonnet retrimed without ever letting him know it? Oh Margie, Mar-gie, what a lesson for my pride and pride I could not help acknow-ledging to myself and her also, was after all what most governed me; what a parting compared with the one when I left her before.

All day Tuesday and ever since a dull heavy pain circled my heart, an incubus hangs over one like the sword of Damocles. Could not start as I had intended so according to agreement with Mr M- I sent him a note that I should have the honor of another tilt at the Royal game. Ah me!

I do not know what might have kept Mrs M- from coming to bid me another good bye. Came to New Brunswick could do but little there so hurried along to this place. Page 7 represents me light and joyous- 24 deeply in love and 33 utterly forlorn - such is life and such is love. My conversation with Margie is not given exact, but the gist is. Vendredi Easton Pa. Commenced writing to Margie last evening at I reviewed our acquaintnance from the beginning to now, no page in my life presented so bright a picture as did this record of love up to Monday eve; then what a change, an incubus has hung over my head ever since like the sword of Damocles, turning bright light to dull darkness, business too, being very dull I may have the blues some-what in addition to my other ills.

I suspect that when I get to Bethlehem to-night I shall be able to sleep pretty soundly. Must write to Miss Giles in Wisconsin. Dimanche 17" Allentown again. Took a brisk walk out after breakfast the morning was clear and cold, since then the sky has become over clouded.

Snow or rain is threatened. Trade is very brisk here still the merchants are not buying but fiew of my goods. The way my trip is being got over now will bring me back to the city long before Christmas. Mardi 19" Mansion House. Reading Pa. Arrived at 11 Last evening Trade is very dull.

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A letter from Margie at Klines. The lady is not - I am surprised to learn at all favorably impressed with me. Mr M- was not intending to be cold the evening I was there but only vexed that nobody came down of the females to see me.

Shall get up to Pottsville to-morrow. Two young gents are sitting by me waiting for me to talk to them so I must put up my mems. Mercredi 20" Pa Hall Pottsville. I have been wondering just how I shall feel when in after life I peruse these Memoranda. Such is the effect of contact with the world; I even now am surprised when I look back to past years. This is certainly the dullest town I ever saw, and about the bluest set of merchants do business here.

How I have hurried over my route this time to be sure I only expected to arrive here on the 22" and behold I am thro already! Life is like an express train, one scarcely takes note of the rate at which they are going until he arrives at some station. When Conductor Reason informs him that he must change cars to another line.

Gone are the dear old familiar land marks and new cares and surroundings greet him. Left the old associations but are they forgotten? Do we not sometimes consult the map of probabilities, and tracing out the route of the road we have left, to its last great station we find we find with regret that under the instruc-tions of our conductor we have left the road to Happiness. Vendredi 22". Jones House - Harrisbrg. Found yesterday at Lebanon a letter from some lady of Lewistown Pa. I have no idea who the person may be, perhaps some gent who being hard up for pastime takes this method of amusing himself; I shall reply in such a manner as to leave but little room for such a speculation however.

I never took a lesson in English Grammer before this month, since I started on this trip I have learned about one half of Pinneos Primary. For several days we have had pretty sharp cold weather. Shulers brother who shot himself when I was here before is now dead. Samedi 13" Payne. He has travelled over a portion of Europe on foot also.

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By the time he gets out to the Rocky moun-tains and among the hostile Indians he will probably think that the difficulties of his journey have really commenced. I must write to "Bessie" to-night I hardly know what tone to give my letter. Margie must also be written to. Lundi 25". Mansion House. Was at it until 3 OC this morning, then got up at 7 OC so did not get much sleep. Find business here very much the same as at home very dull. Got into something of an argument with Mr Shuler yesterday on meta-physics and theology yesterday.

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Mardi 26" Montgomery House. Came up from Carlisle at noon to-day. I never before so much appreciated the value of time as at present. I must write a couple of business letters to Wilksbarre to-night so my entry will of necessity be limited. I see that the committe on Impeachment have reported in favor of impeaching Johnson.

I almost doubt if the measure will pass the House and if it does the probability is that the only result will be putting the country to no small expence and the Senate to no small trouble The establishing of a precedent for the removal of a President is not the safest experiment that Con-gress can adopt. Jeudi 28" Thanksgiving Day. I have five invitations to dinner but shall accept none of them as I do not feel in a mood for merriment somehow.

Miles Perrine 14 Fredericksburg VA 1 Gregory Coon 14 Burke VA 1 Ethan Roehrle 14 Williamsburg VA 1 Aidan Crisci 13 Williamsburg VA 1 Caleb Rowan 13 Accident MD 1 Avery Cronin 14 Portsmouth VA 1 Adam Dumont 14 Williamsburg VA 1 Elijah Whiting 15 Bowie MD 1 Craig Swain 13 Midland VA 1 Bret Sharman 17 Fairfax VA 6 2. Bailey Fouse 17 Annandale VA 4 3. Miguel Anselmo 18 Gainesville VA 4 4. Matthew Piper 18 Henrico VA 3 6. Brandon Zarzecki 19 Flemington NJ 4 7. Curtis Royek 19 Corry PA 3 Michael Holder 19 Williamsburg VA 4 0 Alexander Tan 16 Charlottesville VA 3 Andrew Brown 19 Fredericksburg VA 3 Stephen Tan 18 Charlottesville VA 3 Matthew Stann 16 Reston VA 3 Tyler Figgins 18 Lynchburg VA 3 Samuel Blackmon 19 Lynchburg TN 3 Johnathan Sullivan 16 Vienna VA 3 Nicholas Blake 16 Burke VA 3 Peter Sikorsky 19 Arlington VA 3 Sam Stephenson 19 Boston VA 3 Cyrus Haynes 17 Baltimore MD 3 Hunter Janus 18 Charlotte NC 2 Drew Puckett 17 Charlotte NC 2 James Welch 18 Annapolis MD 2 Dallas Handy 19 Charlotte NC 2 Miles Fowler 18 Charlotte NC 2 Ryan Hutcherson 16 Bristow VA 2 Robert Schultz 16 Manassas VA 2 Jordan Prax 18 Charlottesville VA 2 Sam Bock 17 Vienna VA 2 Allen Grant 18 Yorktown VA 2 Thomas Davis 18 Blacksburg VA 2 Isaak Hoffman 17 Reedley CA 2 Joel Turk 18 Hockessin DE 2 Matthew Deaton 19 Ruckersville VA 2 Blaze Prax 16 Charlottesville VA 3 0 Nicky Monroe 18 Middletown DE 2 Robert Lytle 18 Herndon VA 2 Hamilton Schattgen 18 Fredericksburg VA 2 Nate Byington 17 Crofton MD 2 Justin Guyette 18 Slingerlands NY 2 Robbert Siemers 18 Midlothian VA 1 Chris Lloyd 18 Chesapeake VA 1 Evan Flynn 19 Charlotte NC 1 Ryan Patton 17 Manassas VA 1 Ethan Apisa 18 Blacksburg VA 1 Donald Lobeda 19 Fairfax VA 1 Corbin Armstrong 19 Poquoson VA 1 Theodore Rinaldi 18 Bethesda MD 1 Josh Harrington 17 Chantilly VA 1 Zachary Korff 16 Springfield VA 1 James Gaffney 19 Moorestown NJ 1 Brian Zylich 19 Woodbridge VA 1 Michael Jarosz 19 Vienna VA 1 Alexander Geiersbach 18 Middletown DE 1 Peter Hogan 19 Williamsburg VA 1 David Umansky 17 Rockville MD 1 Kevin Hildner 19 Aurora IL 1 John Stann 19 Reston VA 1 Joshua Coon 16 Burke VA 1 Athan Anderson 18 Manhasses NY 1 Jared Cronin 17 Portsmouth VA 1 Ryan Hofmann 19 Lynchburg VA 1 Owen Weismiller 17 Chantilly VA 1 Alex Chung 17 Burke VA 1 Justin Carestia 19 Aberdeen MD 1 John Sellers 16 Norfolk VA 1 Alex Bartz 19 Lynchburg VA 1 Maximino Smith 19 Jacksonville NC 1 Tony Dipippa 19 Centreville VA 1 Luke Meyer 19 Newark DE 1 Nick Vafa 17 Rockville MD 1 David Hough 19 Fredericksburg VA 1 Ben Stephenson 16 Boston VA 1 Tyler Johnson 17 Haymarket VA 1 Owen Crandall 19 Annapolis MD 1 Niel Ketkar 19 Charlottesville VA 1 Rustin Pare 17 Columbia MD 1 Bryce Wozniak 17 Chesapeake VA 1 Aidan Gelbach 19 Springfield VA 1 Griffin Hogan 16 Arnold MD 1 Christian Tucker 18 Lynchburg VA 1 Max Sickels 19 Potomac MD 1 Zach Couch 18 Fredericksburg VA 1 Noah Blalock 16 Chesapeake VA 1 Patrick Gelbach 21 Charlottesville VA 5 2.

Kevin Riley 21 Portsmouth VA 5 3. Tyler Tetreault 24 Toano VA 7 4. Chance Berry 21 Charlottesville VA 4 6. Travis Fehr 20 Lynchburg VA 4 7. Dillon Lesniak 21 Lynchburg VA 4 8. Adam Williams 20 Lynchburg VA 4 9. Jake Phillips 21 Richmond VA 4 Brian Primeaux 23 Annapolis MD 3 Benjamin Anderson 21 Annapolis MD 3 Cory Fines 20 Midlothian VA 3 John Kremar 20 Mooresville NC 3 John Bond 22 Cranbury NJ 3 Forrest Deal 22 Stafford VA 3 Samuel Forsyth 21 Richmond VA 3 Zachary Sprinkle 21 Chesapeake VA 3 Philip Jewett 22 Lexington VA 3 Trey Holladay 23 Spotsylvania VA 3 Tim Sosin 23 Lynchburg VA 3 Austin Kuba 23 Hellertown PA 3 Tyler Stocksdale 23 Raleigh NC 3 West Redington 21 Richmond VA 3 Justin Blubaugh 23 Williamsburg VA 3 Joel Brenny 21 Lynchburg VA 3 Kyle Brown 21 Blacksburg VA 3 Benjamin Sternfeld 22 Blacksburg VA 3 Connor Letendre 21 Ogden UT 3 Jake Banigan 22 Frisco TX 3 Brody Stofflet 21 Windham ME 3 Travis Arnold 20 Brandywine MD 3 Jamin Enquist 21 Lynchburg VA 3 Joel Bracken 21 Fayetteville WV 3 Collin Chartier 23 Arlington VA 2 Thomas Courtney 22 Charlottesville VA 3 Eli Smith 20 Charlotte NC 2 Daniel Lloyd 21 Annapolis MD 2 Milan Tomin 20 Charlotte NC 2 Daniel Kasberg 21 Aurora CO 2 Eric Kirouac 20 Charlotte NC 2 Eric Boynton 22 Annapolis MD 2 Hunter Houston 21 Martinsville VA 3 0 Stephen Sharer 24 Oakton VA 2 Layton Bryant 20 Lexington NC 2 Mercer Swetnam 20 Henrico VA 2 Tyler Lichtenberg 20 Richmond VA 2 Flynn Lancaster 21 Charlotte NC 2 Sean Kshimetski 24 Pasadena MD 2 Matthew Kovacic 22 Rockville MD 2 Nick Damico 22 Powell OH 2 Brennan Garrett 20 Fairfax VA 2 Drew Switzer 20 Macungie PA 2 Blake Woodring 22 Mechanicsville VA 2 William Poh 22 Gaithersburg MD 2 Evan Walsh 20 Raleigh NC 2 Sekou Vaughn 24 Portsmouth VA 2 Alex Paul 23 Blacksburg VA 2 Brody Sloan 20 Washington DC 2 Joseph Lemly 22 Lexington NC 2 Armaan Mehta 20 Ashburn VA 2 Quinn Crandall 20 Annapolis MD 2 Michael Crain 23 Spotsylvania VA 2 Christopher Deisher 21 Blacksburg VA 2 Shikhar Panwar 20 Blacksburg VA 2 Darren Barlow 23 Blacksburg VA 1 Matthew Martino 23 Saylorsburg PA 1 Benjamin Deal 23 Charlottesville VA 1 Matt Sarge 23 Arlington VA 1 Robert Cellucci 24 Lansdale PA 1 Brian Quintana 22 Burke VA 1 Greg Schott 20 Chesterfield VA 1 Grant Rice 24 Williamsburg VA 1 Kevin Holder 21 Annapolis MD 2 0 Robert Maughan 23 Raleigh NC 1 Ryan Derrick 24 Annandale VA 1 Jonathan Ryder 22 Charlotte NC 1 Connor Bell 22 Harrisonburg VA 1 Riley Smith 22 Greentown IN 1 James Bigler 21 Alexandria VA 1 William Gravley 22 Washington DC 2 0 Eli Powell 23 Anchorage AK 1 Zachary Browning 22 Harrisonburg VA 1 Nathan Hart 24 Washington DC 1 Macaulay Kinnamon 22 Kirkwood PA 1 Dane King 23 Henrico VA 1 Matthew Colturi 22 Herndon VA 1 John Davenport 20 Lynchburg VA 1 Jack Melhorn 22 Chesterfield VA 1 Robbie Courter 20 Charlottesville VA 1 Brandon Mulligan 24 Concord NC 1 Brennon Dunbar 21 Forest VA 1 Tim Mastracci 23 Williamsburg VA 1 James Reeves 24 Washington DC 1 Edgar Haas 24 Richmond VA 1 Alexander Byrnes 21 Allentown NJ 1 Bailey Hunter 21 Blacksburg VA 1 Peter Malander 20 Spring TX 1 Jack Dienes 24 Lambertville NJ 1 Alex Armbruster 20 Washington DC 1 Ben Miltenberg 22 Bethesda MD 1 Cameron Ward 21 Plainsboro NJ 1 Conner Barnes 24 Richmond VA 1 Blake Nowakowski 20 Forest VA 1 Ryan Lanoue 23 Norfolk VA 1 Jake Kendrick 20 Manassas VA 1 Fabio Pages 24 Crozet VA 1 Chris Fahlsing 24 Rockville MD 1 Austin Gabel 21 Clarksville MD 1 Jacob Teves 21 Brambleton VA 1 Chris Cooke 24 Woodstock MD 1 James Frauen 23 Pittsburgh PA 1 Maxwell Danielson 21 Norfolk VA 1 Cameron Foster 21 Lynchburg VA 1 Chapin Baxter 22 Fredericksburg VA 1 Reid Gilbert 21 Wilmington NC 1 Felipe Aleman 24 Crofton MD 1 Ira Rickman 24 Washington DC 1 Scott Gibson 23 Springfield VA 1 Andrew Koons 24 Sterling VA 1 Eric Damtoft 24 Rockville MD 1 Kerlin Doss 23 Blacksburg VA 1 Ben Igo 20 Raleigh NC 1 James Park 20 Annapolis MD 1 Nick Reichert 20 Fairfax VA 1 David Groseclose 21 Midlothian VA 1 Kevin Terry 23 Norfolk VA 1 Aaron Zeman 24 Washington DC 1 Roland Edge 20 Mechanicsville MD 1 Steve Putiyon 23 Fairfax VA 1 Brandon Siller 20 Lynchburg VA 1 Bradford Wallis 24 Columbia MD 1 Khaled Khalil 21 Alexandria VA 1 Thomas Barbaccia 21 Pittsford NY 1 Tim Boyles 21 Richmond VA 1 Spencer Morgan 20 Asheboro NC 1 Patrick Hedger 22 Charlottesville VA 1 Andrew Mark 22 Pittston PA 1 Cole Graham 23 Bethesda MD 1 Lee Talman 23 Charlottesville VA 1 The display encompasses most of the area of this classic amusement park.

They also have a full miniature train display and gift shop that you can visit upon leaving the display. The display is open daily until PM through January 8th. While the park's coasters, including Skyliner, and the world's oldest coaster, Leap the Dips, are not open, the display is a ton of fun and the rides provide a cool backdrop to the lights display.

If you have any holiday shopping to do, or really like to see model train displays, as I love to do, you should definitely stop at the end of the journey to take a look.